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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold public liability insurance?
Yes we do. We have coverage for £2,000,000.00 and we are happy to provide a photocopy upon request. 
Do you have CRB checks on place?
Legally we are not required to hold CRB checks as we are never alone with any of the children we paint etc, however to offer our clients peace of mind we do hold current certificates.
How many faces can you paint in one hour? 

We can paint an average of 12-15 faces in an hour depending upon the complexity of the designs chosen.   

Can you paint within the theme of my child's party?

Of course! Just let us know the theme of the party when booking and we will make sure to have some faces ready for the event. Though, keep in mind that more time may be needed per child depending on the complexity of the design and this may affect the painting time/pricing.   

How soon should I book?

As soon as the date is confirmed!

Will I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. A 50% deposit will be needed along with a signed booking form. This secures your day.   
What do I need to provide?

Ideally we will need a table and two adult sized chairs, other than that we will provide everything else! But if that is not available we can provide but we will need to park onsite.
Can you paint at Charity Events? 

For charity events we can provide our services for free and simply charge per face on the day, we can provide a percentage of the day's takings to the charity.

Who can be painted? 
Face paint is not recommended for children under 3 years old. For insurance purposes, we can only face paint on children 3 years and above. However we will kindly offer a small design on the hand or arm to younger children.

What if my child objects?

If a child is reluctant to have his or her face painted, we cannot comply with the wishes of the parent or carer over the desire of the child. Young children do not always understand face painting - someone they do not know is doing something to them, which they cannot see - so a small design on the hand may be more enjoyable for them. They can see what is being done, feel in control of the situation, and can look at it and enjoy it for the rest of the day.

What if I have a rash or other skin condition?

Anyone, who in our opinion appears to be suffering from a cold sore, conjunctivitis or any other infectious skin complaint, cannot be painted. Similarly, eczema, open cuts and grazes are not suitable surfaces to paint. However, a design on the cheek, hand or arm is usually possible.

What about sickness?

We are unable to paint anyone suffering from cold/flu symptoms or who is otherwise unwell.

How do I get this stuff off?

The best way to wash off water based face paint is to use a wet flannel or wash cloth. We would not recommend using soap on a child’s face but baby shampoo can prove very effective!  Baby wipes are also a way to remove the paint but is not always the best. Wipes are made for little bottoms and some brands can cause a reaction on facial skin.
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